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“This tribe is like nothing else out there”

- Our members

Let’s face it, it can be a lonely journey, especially for solopreneurs!

Sometimes it feels like the walls are crashing down on us, we’re overwhelmed with everything that has to be done, and we don’t know where to even start.

This is exactly why I created the Relentless Goal Achievers Elite Tribe…

To get you through IT and thriving, even when it feels like all hope is gone.

Don’t stress it, you’re not alone, and it’s not too late!

Benefits of Joining The Tribe

  • Gain clarity on your goals

  • Transform your mindset

  • Remove your self limiting beliefs

  • Stay inspired and motivated, even when you feel like quitting

  • All teaching calls are recorded.

  • Grow at your own pace

  • 3 Live calls weekly

  • Get actionable steps for weekly improvement

  • Meet & network with growth-minded people

  • Receive elite coaching

  • Improve your sales skills

  • Role-play or watch others role-play

  • Join a tribe that cares about your growth

  • Gain access to exclusive training sessions

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Hear What Our Members Are Saying

Anna Ditchburn


Westley Morris

Inspirational Speaker & Teacher

Rob Hannley

CEO & Publisher - Recovery Today Magazine

"Work Harder on Yourself than You do on Your Job"

-Jim Rohn

See Relentless Testimonials from Our Tribe

Ellin Sidell

"Since becoming part of the Relentless Goal Achievers, my network has significantly expanded, connecting me with a remarkable cohort of accomplished and compassionate professionals. What initially attracted me to this community was the sincere dedication that Eric Konovalov and his wife, Julia, have for my personal success. Their profound commitment to aiding me in realizing my dreams and goals knows no bounds. Don't miss out on Eric's wealth of knowledge, coaching expertise, and delightful sense of humor.”


Founder of the Sidell Method

Veronica Leonard

"The Relentless Goal Achiever platform has had a profound impact on my life. It provided me with the chance to connect with fellow entrepreneurs and business moguls aiming to elevate their enterprises. Eric's coaching sessions have demonstrated their remarkable effectiveness, aiding me personally in boosting my client prospecting confidence. I've gained insights into cultivating business connections and sealing deals. Engaging within a group environment allows me to glean wisdom from others' journeys. Despite our diverse backgrounds, Eric's meticulous guidance has universally benefited our network."


Financial Professional

Every great achiever has a tribe behind them!

Francine Sinclair

"Eric is a coach who helps people in a very special way. He doesn't just tell people what they want to hear. Instead, he looks deep to find the real problems that stop them from reaching their goals. Then, he gives them strong advice on how to beat those problems. Some people might find his way of talking tough, but it helps them grow. Eric is really good at helping people get better and achieve what they want in life.”

Francine Sinclair

Personal Branding Expert for Christian Men

Mari Burleson

"I have been part of Relentless Goal Achievers Tribe for
several months now, and I am seeing things happen in my business and in my life! I am growing personally and
professionally and I'm loving it!

What I can tell you is my coach, Eric Konovalov over delivers! He goes above and beyond! He is FOR you and wants nothing more than to help you reach your highest potential and smash your goals.."

Mari Burleson

Executive Regional Vice President - Arbon

Connect with like-minded entrepreneurs who understand your challenges and celebrate your wins

Enrique Pino

"I cannot emphasize enough how joining Eric Konovalov's Relentless Goal Achievers has positively transformed my life and business. A few months ago, I took the leap and became part of this incredible community that focuses on helping business owners like me gain clarity, achieve goals, stay motivated, and connect with like-minded individuals. It has undoubtedly been the best decision I've made in the last few years.

One of the most significant changes I have witnessed is in my ability to battle procrastination. With the accountability and encouragement from the mastermind group, I have learned effective techniques to overcome my own resistance and take action. This newfound motivation has translated directly into tangible results for my marketing agency.

I am thrilled to share that I am now attracting more clients than ever before. The strategies and insights shared within RGA have allowed me to refine my marketing approach, improve client acquisition techniques, and ultimately expand my business.

The growth and success I am experiencing are a direct result of the continuous support and inspiration provided by Eric and the group.”

Enrique Pino

CEO - Lukuma Label - Creative Agency

Who is Eric Konovalov?

  • CEO of The Goal Guide since 2015

  • Certified Life Coach

  • Certified Leadership Trainer

  • Author of B2B Sales Secrets

  • Mentor to hundreds of Entrepreneurs

  • Global Speaker

  • Believer in Your Goals

  • Entrepreneur

  • Podcast Host

  • United States Marine

  • Open Heart Surgery Survivor

  • Proud Father

  • Super Awesome Husband to Julia

Eric's passion and mission in life are to help you live free!